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Eduardo Belandria


After graduating in dental medicine from „Universidad Central de Venezuela“ (2002-2008), I discovered the fascinating field of modern endodontic dentistry. Parallel to my first professional experience in a dental clinic, I completed specialist medical training in endodontics at „Universidad Maimónides“ (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Since 2009, I work exclusively in endodontics, focusing on root canal therapy and endodontic microsurgery (root tip resections).

Endodontic dentistry has seen considerable technical and methodological progress in the last few decades – progress that is serving patients as well as dentists. “Never-ending” therapeutic scenarios and drawn-out pain have been relegated to the past: Treatment under the dental microscope, with exquisitely engineered modern file systems, and supported by laser technology, has lifted the quality and success rates of endodontic procedures to an entirely new level.

After more than ten years of professional experience in clinics in Venezuela, Germany and Austria, I have established my private office in Innsbruck in 2019. I work as an elective medical practitioner, extending a warm welcome to all new and existing patients on


Plusendo, Endodontic Practice.

Susana Mariscotti

Office Management

Welcome to the Plusendo office! I handle administrative duties, and I am very committed to creating a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere for our patients.

Eva-Louise Kremer

Endodontics Assistant

Ioana Marian

Endodontics Assistant

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